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Shuttering Ply Manufacturers in India

Agni Ply is one of the Best Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers in India, exporting, supplying, and distributing Shuttering plywood in almost all big and small cities around the country. Precisely designed for formwork applications including concrete casting, our shuttering plywood is quite popular in the construction industry. It prevents concrete from leakage through the mold. The concrete mixture contents pour inside the frame to give the concrete as per the architect's specified shape.

Agni Ply shuttering plywood is widely used for creating the base for the ceiling, walls, drains, pillars, highways, etc. On the other hand, like other plywood, shuttering plywood is crafted the same way as other plywood, using thin veneers laid on top on both sides and glued together. The glue makes it resistant to water and different kind of liquid penetration. Though our shuttering plywood is naturally water-resistant, it is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications that do not rot and wrap. So it is also utilized for crafting furniture. It has a high strength that meets the different construction demands.

We deliver the film paced shuttering plywood which has several benefits:
●Smooth and mirror finish on both surfaces make it cost saver for repetitively used for shuttering work
●Withstand the high vibration, load, and force bear ability when pouring concrete
●Boiling waterproof classic material makes it resistant to most wetting and drying conditions.
●Rigidly compressed with a high-pressure machine at a very high temperature make it sustain in any weather condition for rough and tough purposes

Having great expertise in the plywood industry, we design our shuttering plywood which is highly demanded in the industries for various used construction purposes like repairing and maintenance of buildings, flyovers, bridges, cooling towers, roofing, and many more. Our shuttering plywood is best available in different sizes and thicknesses provided for different construction specifications.

Being the Best Shuttering Plywood manufacturer in India, we ensure our customers provide wired service. Our Shuttering Plywood is processed wood plates that are most recommended for shuttering and centering among the customers. If you are looking for the Best Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers in India. Go for Agni Ply the right place for the best shuttering plywood.

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Shuttering Ply Manufacturers in India