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Block Boards Manufacturers

Block boards

AGNI is a well-known block board plywood manufacturers in India, for producing high-quality boards that are very resistant to borer and termite attacks. Each component, from face veneer to core veneer and wooden battens, is carefully selected and treated with anti-termite and borer chemicals.

Our timber battens are thoroughly seasoned in scientifically managed kiln facilities to ensure maximum moisture content and stability. Precise cutting procedures result in homogeneous thickness, ensuring structural integrity and longevity. As the top block board plywood manufacturers in Yamuna Nagar, we ensure that our products are supervised by our competent staff. These battens are carefully positioned to eliminate any undesirable gaps, enhancing the board's strength and stability.

Our premium quality boards have highly resistant properties against borer and termite attacks. Face Veneer, Core Veneer & wooden battens are well-selected and treated against anti-termite and borer chemicals. Quality is of the utmost importance to AGNI, and it is evident in every step of our production process. Our dedication to perfection assures that our block board plywood not only meets, but surpasses, industry standards, resulting in unparalleled performance and lifespan which makes us the leading block board plywood manufacturers in india. Trust AGNI for high-quality boards that will survive the test of time, providing lasting beauty and dependability for your projects.

We keep the highest quality requirements for block boards through frequent testing in accordance with IS:1659. This commitment reinforces our position as India's leading block board manufacturers in India.

Ten features that make Agni block board BheedSeAlag:

  • Treated and seasoned Frames and Battens
  • Uniform width of battens, as per IS:1659.
  • Pressed in hydraulic press with accurate temperature and pressure.
  • Bonded with high solid content resin that is mix with anti termite borer chemical.
  • Immunized block board against termites, borer and other wood generated micro organized.
  • High load bearing capacity as made with high density timber.
  • Conditioned block board, no bending and twisting after application.
  • Surface finished with numeric controlled finishing machine that make it perfect for mica bonding.
  • Boards have excellent screw holding capacity.
  • Excellent water resistance properties.

Grades Available: MR grade Block Board and BWR grade Block Board

Thickness: 19 mm and 25mm

Sizes: 8x4. 7x4, 6x4, 6x3

Range Available with Block board:
Block Boards Manufacturers
POPLAR wood block board

AGNI ORIGIN is a quality block board that is made with selected high grade POPLAR wood. It is liked by majority of people because of its availability and better workability. Since it is made with POPLAR wood that is a carp so it help in environment preservation along with farmer's financial support. AGNI ORIGIN is available with all the quality benefits that AGNI provides. Availability: Moisture resistant MR grade & Boiling water proof BWR grade.

Block Boards Manufacturers in Yamuna Nagar
PINE wood block board

AGNI PINACAL is premium quality block board that is manufactured with imported New zeland pine wood. PINACAL is better choice to make furniture because pine is a strong, shock-resistant material suitable for furniture, particularly if you like rough tough furniture that lost long. AGNI PINACAL is well treated and seasoned block board that fulfil all your wood working needs. Availability: Moisture resistant MR grade & Boiling water proof BWR grade

Block Boards Manufacturers

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