Not Just a Ply...
How AGNI PLY is different from crowd
Made with perfection and passion in ultra modern plant, having numerous semi and automatic machineries, AGNI ply is replica of quality. Following points make AGNi ply BHEED SE ALAG and BHAROSEMAND.

  • Manufactured with high density core and panel
  • Assembled with auto core composer to minimise gap inside the panel
  • Tenderised core veneer for strong bond and flatness
  • Numeric control manufacturing process
  • Conditioned panel for perfect architectural work
  • Guaranteed precise dimension and thickness
  • Edges cut with numeric controlled double dimension saw
  • Three times treated against termite, borer and micro organisms
  • Quality tested in advance lab by IPIRTI qualified person

Best for All architectural work:

As AGNI plywood is manufactured with utmost care in supervision of experienced and technical team. Every raw material either it is timber, face veneer, resin or treatment chemical, selected after proper quality check by quality inspectors. There are specialist for each section of production and they bear individual responsibility for their section better performance. With the fully developed in-house research lab, the stringent supervision, and the consistent quality policies, AGNI ply gets fit in all type of woodworking.

  • Bonded with high solid content PF resin and manufactured in India's best hydraulic press, so there is no chance of de-lamination of plywood
  • Manufactured with pre joint wider core and panel to avoid the manual fault during assembly of core and panels. This practice reduces the chances of gap inside the plywood
  • Calibrated in highly accurate calibration machine to get the even surfaces with equal thickness at all points
  • It has high nail holding capacity, You can nail it with any size of nail at any point of its surface because of its zero gap construction
  • High load bearing capacity than any other plywood. You can provide load as per the requirements, it will not bent because of high density timber

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