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AGNI Film face shuttering plywood, made by expert film faced plywood manufacturers in India, is ideal for high-end building applications. This plywood's phenolic coating and glossy surface provide durability and good reusability. It is resistant to the corrosive effects of cement, water, and sunshine, making it durable even under extreme situations. AGNI Film face plywood is ideal for shuttering and formwork in building projects, providing great value and reliability that meets the needs of current construction techniques. AGNI provides high-quality film faced plywood solutions to improve the efficiency and durability of your building projects. Our persistent pursuit of excellence, rather than merely manufacturing precision, defines us as the industry's top film faced plywood manufacturers in India.

We distinguish ourselves as leading film-faced plywood manufacturers in India by providing products of the highest calibre from our cutting-edge factory. Our items are expertly made and demonstrate knowledge in every stage of manufacture. AGNI film face shuttering plywood is ideal for exposed concrete shuttering and frameworks. It is made of best-selected plywood veneers bonded with Phenol Formaldehyde Resin.

AGNI shuttering ply is the foremost choice of leading quality-conscious architects and civil construction engineers which makes us a well-known film-faced plywood manufacturers in the industry. All standard sizes and thickness are available. We are the go-to choose on the market because of our commitment to excellence. Trust the best film-faced plywood manufacturers in India for your residential and commercial projects since our products are the standard for high-quality building supplies.


  1. Construction industry - Choose Agni Plywood for excellent construction as we are the best film-faced plywood manufacturers in Yamuna Nagar as our film-faced plywood is skillfully made, combines strength and style, and is the ideal product for a variety of construction applications.
  2. Industrial development - Film-faced plywood can resemble marine plywood in some situations. We provide film faced plywood that is light, firm, and nearly defect-free by using high-quality hardwood and waterproof glue. Film-faced plywood is also referred to as "Water-boiled Plywood" since it may be submerged in water.
Film Face Ply manufacturers in India

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